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Women's oversize t-shirt

Women's oversize t-shirt Material: Cotton Colors: Beige - Green - White - Blue - Fuchsia - Red - Violet - Pale green Sizes: One Size ( 65 kg to 85 kg ) Minimum quantity: 6 pieces
18.75 د.إ.‏
order min Qty 6

Two-pieces women's set

Two-pieces women's set Material: Soft Lycra Sizes: One Size ( 60 to 80 kg ) Colors: Black - Red Minimum quantity: 12 pieces
11.78 د.إ.‏
order min Qty 12

Two-pieces women's set

Two-pieces women's set Material: Linen Sizes: XL ( 75 kg ) - 2XL ( 90 kg ) - 3XL ( 110 kg ) Colors: Black - Blue - Green - Beige - Fuchsia Minimum quantity: 6 pieces
45.88 د.إ.‏
order min Qty 6

Women's sweatshirt

Women's sweatshirt Material: Cotton Sizes: L - XL - 2 XL - 3 XL Colors: White - Black - Yellow - Green - Orange - Fuchsia - Purple Minimum quantity: 6 pieces
31.45 د.إ.‏
order min Qty 6

Half-Sleeved T-Shirt

Half-Sleeved T-Shirt material: cotton sizes: M ( 60 - 65 kg ) - L ( 70 - 75 kg ) - XL ( 80 - 85 ) - 2 XL ( 90 - 95 kg ) Colors: red - black - grey package contains: 6 pieces
10.09 د.إ.‏
order min Qty 6

Find wholesale Women's t shirts

Talking about the essential pieces in women’s garments, no one can deny the importance of one cotton t-shirt piece in his/her cupboard. Exemore deals with Wholesale women's t-shirt suppliers who can guarantee to provide soft and elegant fabrics that keep the body fresh and delicate to be your first marketplace when you need to buy your wholesale garment. Moreover, wholesale t-shirt bulk suppliers consider providing the finest quality with competitive prices that surely will be suitable to anyone’s budget

ALL in one place

Different t-shirt designs surely will grab your attention. For instance, you will find the herein women’s t-shirt style: Collared t-shirts- round neck- side pocket - printed- cold shoulder t-shirt- striped t-shirt- oversize shirt- henley t-shirt- boat neck t-shirt. Most interestingly, the previous Wholesale women's t-shirt styles are available in different fabric materials, that produced precisely to satisfy all tastes, so you'll find it whatever the fabric that you are looking for on Exemore: linen fabrics, cotton t-shirt fabrics- silk t-shirt fabric- lycra t-shirt fabric, etc.

Have a nice look

Look modish and keep your comfy style, that’s amazing, right! Whether you're hijabi or not, owning t-shirts within your garment would be highly beneficial, as you will be able to make different looks with a simple t-shirt.

You can have a breezy look wearing characters printed t-shirts, or you can have a classic look by wearing a white raglan one and style it with a light grey blazer and classic pants from Exemore pants category.