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Women sportswear

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Training Suit

  • Material:Milton
  • Colors:blue - beige - maroon - red
  • Sizes:L-XL-2XL-3XL
  • Package contains:12 pieces
  • Minimum quantity:1 package
  • Production period:28 packages within 21 days
  • 47.25 د.إ.‏
    no order min Qty

    girls training

    girls training material: cotton sizes: 1xl - 2 xl Colors : red - pink - yellow- blue
    46.77 د.إ.‏
    no order min Qty

    track suit

    track suit Color: Black , Green , Pink , Simon , Aqua , violet , teal , mauve , sizes: L.XL.2XL.3XL
    42.41 د.إ.‏
    no order min Qty

    grey Tracksuit (large sizes )

    Package contains 12 pieces (4 pieces from each size) color : Grey Sizes: 4XL 5XL 6XL
    71.48 د.إ.‏
    order min Qty 120


    package contains 12 pieces(4 pieces from each size) Black colour Sizes: XL, 1XL, 2XL
    64.21 د.إ.‏
    order min Qty 120

    Aqua Tracksuit

    Package contains 12 pieces (4 pieces from each size) Light Green Sizes: S, M, L
    56.94 د.إ.‏
    order min Qty 120

    grey Tracksuit

    package contains 12 pieces(4 pieces from each size) grey colour Sizes: S, M, L
    56.94 د.إ.‏
    order min Qty 120

    Find Wholesale Women's Sportswear

    To join the leading sportswear wholesalers, it’s important to be an expert in differentiating between the good fabrics used in Sportswear production, and the undesired ones that may lead to more heat and sweat during a tough physical activity, or even a simple one. Therefore, While dealing with a manufacturer, try to make sure that you will be provided with a wide collection of breathable fabrics that allow the body to wick the heat away leaving it dry and fresh.

    Certainly, semi-synthetic fabrics are commonly used in producing gym clothes, some of these fabrics are bamboo spandex, and of course the Coolmax.

    Another point to consider if you are specializing in women’s sportswear, you need to understand that different colors and designs are highly important for women to make a purchase decision. So good fabrics and the perfect design will help you to pay off among other sellers.

    Fortunately, Exemore provides you with different sportswear styles for women that suit hijabi and non-hijabi girls. You will find different varieties of gym clothes like women’s leggings, tracksuits, women’s joggers, yoga pants, soft bras, and cotton, or blended cotton tops. Also, you can check Exemore’s footwear wide collection for women and you will find different sizes and different styles at wholesale prices that satisfy your customers.

    Regarding sizes, Exemore provides you with sportswear for women in different sizes including plus-sizes which can be a great value to provide for your customers. At factory price, you will be able to get all your wholesale, of the above-mentioned pieces, to your doorstep.