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    men's winter clothing

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    Three-pieces men's pajama

    Three-pieces men's pajama Material: Cotton Sizes: M - L - XL - 2 XL - 3 XL Colors: Black - Grey Minimum Quantity: 3 pieces
    From 5.920 د.ك.‏
    order min Qty 3

    Two-pieces men's pajama

    Two-pieces men's pajama Material: Velvet Sizes: One size ( 80 to 110 kg ) Colors: Navy blue - Maroon - Grey Package contains: 6 pieces
    3.040 د.ك.‏
    Min. order qty 1 package

    Two-pieces men's tracksuit

    Two-piece men's tracksuit Material: Milton Sizes: 4 XL - 5 XL Colors: Grey - Brown - Silver Minimum Quantity: 3 pieces
    From 5.540 د.ك.‏
    order min Qty 3

    Men's casual jacket

    Men's casual jacket Material: Chamois Colors: Brown - Green - Black Sizes: M - L - XL - XXL Package contains: 12 piece
    3.960 د.ك.‏
    Min. order qty 1 package

    Men's casual jacket

    Men's casual jacket Material: Cachet Colors: Grey - Black - Brown Sizes: M - L - XL - XXL Package contains: 12 piece
    4.260 د.ك.‏
    Min. order qty 1 package

    Men's casual jacket

    Men's casual jacket Material: Cachet Colors: Black - Beige - Brown Sizes: M - L - XL - XXL Package contains: 12 piece
    4.570 د.ك.‏
    Min. order qty 1 package

    Wholesale men's winter clothing

    the Wholesale winter apparel is expected to reach its peak with the designers introducing some trendy and outstanding designs for winter 2022.

    Wholesale winter clothing is a unique field where the supplier has to be quite attentive to the timings of winter clothing collection release, so he can provide his b2b customers with their needs earlier.

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    Winter clothing

    Regardless of how trendy the winter item is, the thickness of the material and its warmth is the first attribute the consumers look for.

    Hence, Fashion designers always pay attention to the importance of providing both good fabrics and attractive designs, Winter fashion for 2022.

    Men tend to wear the trendiest fashion for all seasons, yet, The consumption habit of men when it comes to buying wholesale winter apparel isn't a great deal compared to women's consumption habits.

    Winter fabric

    It's commonly known that almost all of the winter fabrics are produced in cold countries like the USA and Australia.

    Winter fabrics are extracted from woolybacks, such as China Wool, Mohair, corduroy, cashmere, flannel, etc.

    Exemore b2b website

    Exemore is a b2b website that supplies clothing wholesalers with all kinds of apparel for men, women, and kids.

    Through our platform, you can shop a wide range of wholesale categories, such as abayas, outerwear, inner garment, casual sets, men's jilbab, swimwear, dresses, wholesale scarves, pants, etc.

    Men's wholesale winter category

    For all men's clothing wholesalers around the world, the available products starting from the jilbab to the trendies t-shirts and denim jeans are all that their customers are looking for.

    Due to the men's winter category, includes trendy and warm items like coats, jackets, fleece jilbab, corduroy trousers, pullovers, accessories, long-sleeve fleece blouses, etc.


    The provided quality for men's winter clothing is the one that guarantees wholesalers good ROI, due to the different sizes, colors, and styles.

    The quality depends on the chosen price list filter, however, the price list is determined by the manufactures policy itself and not Exmore.

    Delivering the winter fashion at the perfect time is a great key to achieve high numbers among your competitors.

    Our service

    Exemore company aims to provide global wholesalers with a smart and easy experience in which they can import their wholesale in the least time, effort, and money.

    The website doesn't require you to contact personally with the manufactures to get your wholesale men's winter products, you just click "Add to the cart" and all is done.

    How you can use the website?

    The shopping cart enables users either to continue shopping and browsing the website searching for newly discounted pieces or to finalize the purchase process.

    if the wholesale winter apparel wholesalers already find his/her customers commodity, in this case, they will be able to pay using one of the three available payment methods: credit card, Paymob, and cash payment.

    Note that the SKU stock-keeping unit is the code number that enables you to search for certain products in the wholesale winter category or any other category, so it pops up for you.

    For offices who want to deal with our manufacturers, they can easily shop the website categories and add their favorite to the cart.

    The request for Big quantities is available, you can call us on our numbers or contact us through our social pages or our email.