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Luxurious Jilbab

Luxurious Jilbab Material: Satin Sizes: L ( 56 - 58 - 60 ) Colors: white-black-blue-pink-brown-orange-grey-aqua-silver-fuchsia-maroon Package contains: 6 pieces
33.18 د.إ.‏
Min. order qty 1 package

Boys cotton Jilbab

Boys cotton Jilbab Material: Cotton Sizes: 8/10/12/14/16 Colors: Black - Grey - Beige - Navy blue Minimum quantity: 6 pieces
26.20 د.إ.‏
order min Qty 6

Men's cotton Jilbab

Men's Ramadan Jilbab Material: Cotton Sizes: l,xl,2xl,3xl Colors: Brown - Navy blue - Black - Grey Minimum quantity: 6 pieces
32.77 د.إ.‏
order min Qty 6

Wholesale Men Islamic Clothes at Factory Price

In the light of customs and traditions, each country has a remarkable outfit that men, and women, used to wear, which is completely different from the sleek styles that people used to see on fashion models on the red carpet, these countries include Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Bangladesh, South Asia, etc.

the residents of the above-mentioned countries often adhere to dressing their costumes even when they get out of their territory to maintain the image of their identity.

Among these different outfits, clothing manufacturers usually specialize in one dress code of a certain country to be able to produce huge quantities. However, if you are a fashion wholesaler who lives in a country that welcomes different immigrants, you will find it difficult to contact more than one manufacturer to meet your customers’ needs doubling your annual revenue.

Therefore, Exemore provides global wholesalers with different Islamic outfits for men, and women, that can be purchased and received in one package at their doorstep. Additionally, Exemore teams do their best to contract with the best Egyptian manufacturers who have the right capacity to provide men’s Islamic sets at the finest quality and affordable prices.

One of the most outfits of men’s Islamic fashion that we, as Exemore teams, receive the highest rate of inquiries is the Shalwar Kameez. It’s a mid-length tonic, with an optional side pocket, and wide pants in the same color that dressed largely in Pakistan as a national outfit, Afghanistan, and

Indian people in the Punjab region. In addition to the considerable demand for Ghutra and Egal which most common headscarf dress by people in the Arabian Peninsula and Bedouin.