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Terms & conditions


1- overview

2- privacy

3- personal information

4- registeration

5- cookies

6-purchasing policy

7- use of marketplace

8- contractual terms

9-Payment method

10-Shipping Policy

Welcome to Exemore, if you're a new User to our marketplace read these terms and conditions carefully.


Exemore facilitates e-commerce around the world for the fashion industry in accordance with terms and conditions that govern your access and the use of our services. the applicable terms and conditions shall apply to all Vendors and purchasers, AND BY USING OUR MARKETPLACE YOU AGREE AND ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN FULL

use of terminology

The use of different terminologies is a must to be recognized to enable you to understand our terms and conditions, so please read the hereinafter terms. Exemore is referred to as (we, us, our team), customers refer to the wholesalers around the world who do a purchase using Exemore, vendors refer to all the manufactory owners that we have business with, and the user refers to both customer and vendors.


If you are a purchaser, you need to register as a customer. customer accountenables you to conduct different procurements and track your order to the designated place, and manage the remaining balance in your Exemore Wallet.

Vendors account

If you own a clothing factory, you can use our website by registering as a vendor. Vendor account enables you to display your products on our marketplace and sell it all over the world.

our website is governed by a fraud prevention and verification system to protect your use of the marketplace. You accept and warrant the hereinafter rules (i) you shall create a strong password for your account, (ii) don’t share the password with relatives or third parties and revealing your password shall be at your own risk. if you have a reason that your password is revealed, please change the password immediately. (iii)you shall fill all the required information accurately to guarantee and protect your use of the marketplace and any transaction that you conduct.


Exemore's policy shall apply to all buyers and vendors on the website and all the platform's users that governs their use and disclosure of information and other related services. Exemore collects data from users and vendors around the world in order to improve the service. Note that we Don’t accept nor consider any unknown profiles that may cause any sort of misleading.

1.Personal information.

1.1 Upon your registration, you understand and agree that we collect some information regarding your identity that includes your email, contact information, and your address. Exemore collects some information that varies due to the provided service such as, and not limited to, a passport copy, date of birth, and some data related to the bank account when it comes to bank transfer.

1.2 A vendor shall provide accurate data when he logs into Exemore marketplace. These personal data is confidential and cannot be disclosed for any reason that isn’t related to the provided service.

1.3 a customer or wholesaler is obligated and responsible for providing accurate information to be used in any transactions he conducts through the marketplace. This information is confidential, and The user is entitled to change and manage his personal information.

1.4. personal information protection

1.5 Exemore is committed to protecting visitors’ data that can be only used in connection with the purchase facilitation and improving the service; moreover, other related services such as helping the customer and wholesalers with their issues, sending commercial notifications, documenting the personal information or credit cards deals with the user’s bank or third parties for the purposes of fraud prevention and detection, and terms implementation of use on Exemore website.


2.1 Exemore recognize the significance of security and confidentiality of personal data. note that data can be released to some entities mentioned thereafter: law enforcement entities, third parties or governmental institutions, shipping companies may be notified by some information related to shipping services, in order to warrant fraud protection and detection activities or the prevention of any terms and consent violations. personal data may be released to the Authorized Exemore team for the purpose of providing facilitation, or for activity continuation.  Also, Exemore may disclose the vendor’s information with the clients to know any specifications needed related to the displayed products on the online store.

2.2 Use of personal information

2.3 All customers and wholesalers are obligated to provide their personal information accurately and using any fake information subject your account to be suspended.

You represent and warrant that all information provided in the registration step is complete and accurate for account’s activation continuity.

3. Registration:

3.1 If you register with a platform account, you will be asked to provide an email address/user ID and password and you shall agree to:

(i) keep your personal confidential, as Exemore don’t accept liability if the user didn’t preserve the confidentiality of his account information.

(ii)you will be asked to add your username and password each time you use Exemore, and it’s recommended that to use a password that combines numbers, letters, and special characters, and don’t share your password with anyone.

3.2 Nota that: If you have a reason that your username and password have been obtained, please contact Exemore Team Immediately to suspend any unauthorized payment, and you have to change your password from the Account management section.

3.3 Sharing any personal information isn’t recommended, and if you authorized any third party to manage your account on your behalf that shall be at your own risk, this also may subject your account to be suspended.

3.4 Each member accepts and warrants that Exemore collects personal information related to business operations in selling or purchasing, and the confidentiality of this data is maintained and cannot be disclosed by anyone who is not an Exemore’s authorized employee.

4.5 Upon your registration visiting the website, we may collect some data from your device including, but not limited to, your Ip address or the type of your browser in connection with service facilitation. We may collect different data in order to meet the customer’s interests.

3.6 Exemore collects the information given in the feedbacks and comments provided by different users for statistical purposes in order to improve our services, and we are committed not to disclose any of this information.

3.7  Exemore don’t accept any anonymous information, and any incomplete or inaccurate data subject your account for being suspended.

3.9  We may update this privacy policy from time to time and, in this case, the new version will be announced, with or without notice, on Exemore’s website. The new version will be considered valid from the publication date, and your use of the marketplace is considered as your agreement to the updated policy.

3.10 Exemore don’t sell or trade the above-mentioned personal information for third parties, and it can be only disclosed for the above-stated reasons.

3.11 Upon your use for Exemore, you use a personal account on our marketplace, you agree to receive Exemore commercial ads via your email, in addition to other messages related to order tracking or purchasing process, Or notifying you with any updates.

3.12 The information included in the provided notes on the website is accessed by Exemore for service development purposes.

3.13 Exemore team may ask you to provide some information including the financial information to be used in connection with the facilitation, and users acknowledge that he shall not refuse to provide the required information for facilitation purpose.

3.14 Exemore accepts no liability for any information that the visitors or customers share with the ads of other pages that appear on our marketplace, and it’s recommended that, in this case, the user review the applicable privacy policy in these pages before sharing any information. Also, Exemore isn’t responsible for any shared information with third parties or Other Exemore’s users unless it’s mentioned hereinabove.

3.15 Each user represents a warrant and agrees that you shall provide accurate and updated personal data otherwise the account may be suspended. the online store may present links of other pages, and Exemore isn’t responsible by any means for the privacy applied in these pages.

defined policies

Exemore applies a well-defined trading system regulated by international e-commerce experts that ensure the customers from different countries to purchase their needs with competitive prices and the finest quality. moreover; Exemore warrants you secure payment, fast shipping, packaging, and product review.

Our contractual terms apply to your use of both our website and blogs that ensure security to the greatest extent. Hence, each member accepts and warrants to commit to the herein rules in order to ease his/her use and guarantee his/her rights.

4. cookies

4.1 cookies is a small amount of data stored on your device's hard drive. Through a unique and random code, the records of the website can identify the user’s browser. Note that the cookies used in Exemore is dedicated only for the purpose of improving our performance and helping us to understand your interests, and these cookies don’t disclose any of your personal information.

4.2 users aren't entitled to communicate with the vendors or the wholesalers in an inappropriate way or sending any violating messages or posting any undesired content or developing any virus or attacks. if the user commits any violation of the above mentioned, his account shall be fully suspended. Exemore may send the given personal data to a foreign country for the purpose of facilitation. note that the data is sent encrypted and cannot be fully disclosed, but the internet web isn't safe thus we cannot ensure the confidentiality of personal information in event of cyber-attacks or hacks.

5.purchasing policy

5.1 Our mission is to be the first option for shoppers around the world by providing an enjoyable experience for the customer in which he can purchase the finest quality in a secure and easy way.  You can choose from thousand items on our marketplace with the specifications you want and choose between three shipping options. we ensure you a trusted transaction to the place you choose.

5.2 Exemore enables you to track the order processing in accordance with the applied Shopping policies that guarantee an increase in productivity and profits for all the customers. note that our shopping policies use the latest artificial technology in order to enable the wholesalers to purchase from the Egyptian market without the need to contact intermediaries.

a unique shopping experience with Exemore.

5.3upon your registration on Exemore, You can obtain different benefits hereinafter:

5.4 Exploring different fashion and apparel styles in Egypt.

5.5  purchase at a competitive price without incurring the effort to contact intermediaries, buy directly from the manufacturer.

5.6 a system that enables you to track your order processing.

5.7 the more you purchase, the more card gifts and discounts you receive.

5.8 Enjoy a trusted shipping with good prices to the place that you want, please read the shipping services.

5.9 We understand your desires well, thus our system allows purchasing a sample .

5.10 the availability of replacement in accordance with the return policies, please read the return policy from here.

6. Use of the marketplace:

6.1 A user can create an account easily providing necessary and simple information such as name,email, and country of residence. It's not to share the password with anyone.

through our marketplace, you can review different varieties of clothing displayed for all genders, ages, different colors and sizes, and different apparel. After that, you have to specify your shipment address and the payment method that you want and receive your order easily! Exemore provides wholesalers the possibility to track the order processing and the arrival date.

6.2 sizes and colors are divided into two types: (i) a fixed description that is provided by the vendor, (ii) and a wholesale that is offered in different colors and sizes with the possibility to select a color or size that you wish if it’s available to be manufactured.

7. contractual terms

The use of our marketplace is subject to  e-commerce laws in different countries, and the Egyptian trading laws, and the new trading system (outlined by Exemore proficients) that is applicable to the use of artificial intelligence in order to ensure the Users’ rights.

7.1 The applicable trading system ensures to all Exemore’s users an easy and secure apparel shopping from the Egyptian Markets, and warrants overselling Purchases and transactions are subject to e-commerce laws and international treaties between different countries, and the Egyptian consumer protection laws.

7.2 Exemore accepts and guarantees that the displayed products are subject to the vendors’ copy rights, and Exemore is liable to display these products unless it breach the applicable laws.

7.3 each vendor represents obligations for producing the goods as it’s mentioned in the attached description.

7.4-the user shall recognize that the order preparation period differs from the shipment period and it’s not the same.

7.5 t’s the user's responsibility to select the available mentioned size, colors, and material carefully, and Exemore accepts no liability for the users’ choices.

6.6 the desired color and size must match the order quantity.

7.7 from the notes section, you can add your notes and your product requirements even if it isn’t available in the offered product.

7.8 the product code is affiliated to an artificial intelligence system for management purposes; you can use it to search for a product with.

7.9 Exemore enables you to reach your trusted vendor through one click on the vendor name so all his products will be available to display.

7.10 the user can view the shipping cost at the top of each page, or he can check the shipping section.

7.11 the more items the user select, the lower the price becomes

7.12-each user can evaluate the product, and Exemore will objectively present the user feedback as long as it doesn’t contain abusive words or racism.

7.13 There's a minimum quantity of the product that the user cannot ask for less.

7.14 the vendor shall accept that the user can ask for a sample to check before purchasing a huger order to check the quality. Note that the sample will be delivered to the user’s location through the express shipping and the price will be doubled for the order specification.

7.15 Exemore supervise the order processing with the collaboration of quality monitors to ensure that the order fit the requirements

7.16 You agree that the transaction for the purchase is final the time you are charged payment is the final, thus Exemore recommends the customers to select the items carefully.

7.17 Exemore operates carefully to ensure the product matches the specification and accepts no liability or responsibility for any additional requirements that aren't included in the uploaded description.

7.18 users can purchase from the marketplace using the Arabic and English languages.

7.19 our customer service team is gladly responding to your inquiries about the products; it’s recommended that the user mention the item code to facilitate the process.

7.20 the user can return the order if it didn’t match the specifications, check the return policy here.

7.21 Order may be returned in the case that the buyer asked for a sample and it didn’t come according to the description. Please read the return policy from Here.

7.22 the shipping cost is added automatically to the item price when you select your shipping address.

7.23 the user acknowledges and agrees that the customs and charges determination isn’t Exemore authority.

7.24 the more the items are purchased, the more the points are added to the user wallet providing him with discounts he can use in the future.

All the transactions that the user conducts is governed by the trading system applied by Exemore.

7.25 Exemore accepts no liability or obligations for any purchase or personal agreement or payment unofficially occurs between customer and intermediaries.

Note that the purchase is final the time you are charged, and you cannot modify your order regarding the sizes and colors, and any additional specifications, you add in the comments section, must be incurred by the customer.

7.26 the offered prices may be changed by an increase or decrease according to the vendor’s, as price determination is the vendor’s liability and Exemore isn’t responsible for the prices.

7.27 You agree and understand that payment must be by the dollar, and the presentation for different currencies on the website aims to help the customer to know the prices. You can do your purchase using different payment methods including the wallet through which the points and discounts are added to your account.

7.28 In case of order cancellation and money returning, the customer is entitled to obtain his money through the same method he used to pay the order, Or Exemore deposit the money in the user’s wallet to use whenever he likes.

8. payment policy

8.1 Exmore aims to provide more facilities for the user by offering different payment methods to facilitate the apparel procurement in a completely secure and simple way for wholesalers around the world.

8.2 Exmore aims to provide more facilities for the user by offering different payment methods to facilitate the apparel procurement in a completely secure and simple way for wholesalers around the world.

8.3 The multiple payment methods allow all the wholesalers around the world to conduct safe commercial transactions effortlessly. as Exemore provides three payment methods:1-bank transfer 2-electronic payment 3-PayPal

8.4 You can pay using multiple options that guarantee a secure transfer in accordance with the applicable e-commerce laws, the user can choose the most suitable and easy method accordingly.

8.4Payment methods

8.5The Payment process differs according to the selected method, therefore; it is necessary that the customers understand and know each method.

(i) Bank transfer

8.6Bank transfer is allowed in all Exemore’s transactions, and since it requires the user to transfer the sum to one of the Exemore’s bank accounts; therefore, it’s commonly used when it comes to paying more than the allowed balance in different the credit cards

8.7The next procedure is followed to save the customer's money: Funds are transferred after 48 hours of selecting the item on our marketplace; and during these two days Exemore team works to ensure that the manufacturer can supply the order, particularly if the order is a huge one that needs Time

pay using your bank account

8.8The customer selects for the bank transfer option, after that he/she receives a message on Exemore showing that the order takes two days. During these two days, Exemore’s logistics team is working to warrant the manufacturer’s ability to produce the selected item with the said description. thereafter, a message is sent to the customers to notify them that the factory is ready to produce the order. Additionally, the bank account information is sent to the customer to complete the transfer process.

8.9During the transaction, the customer understands and accepts that he/she is responsible to pay the sum with the transfer charge included.

8.10 The user attaches the receipt of the bank transfer on his account, then he/she receives a message of confirmation. After that, Exemore team works to monitor the order preparation in the manufacturer, the user can track the order step by step accordingly. Exemore Quality experts shall review the order processing to ensure required specification and the order’s arrival to the designated place of receipt.

8.11 If the bank account information is sent to the buyer, he/ she shall pay within 4 days and after that the order would be cancelled automatically within our system. if the customer still needs the order, then he can replace the order.

(ii) E-payment

8.12 You can pay with a credit card, designated for electronic payment, through selecting the E- payment option, thereafter, a web page will open thereupon you can fill relevant information.

8.13 Upon completion of the payment process, Exemore Will send you a message on the online store confirming that payment has taken place successfully.

(iii) PayPal account

8.14 Exemore allows all the customers to pay using a Paypal account through the PayPal section that will guide the user to another web page thereupon he can create a PayPal account. Upon completion of the payment process, Exemore Will send you a confirmation message on the online store.

8.15 Upon completion of the payment process, Exemore Will send you a message on the online store confirming that payment has taken place successfully.  Thereafter, Exemore team works to monitor the order processing in the manufactory; hence, the user can track the order step by step. Exemore Quality experts shall review the order processing in accordance with the rule hereinabove.

(IV) Exemore wallet

8.16 Exemore guarantees the user an easy, secure, and cashless payment method when he uses Exemore Wallet. Exmore wallet users can save their money in the wallet and use it to purchase any item from the online store whenever they like. Moreover, users can receive their refunds back through the wallet.

8.17Exemore wallet is an account through which the user can either pay or receive money using the wallet. Exemore Wallet aims to save our customer’s time and efforts. Exemore Wallet benefits the user with adding points to his account upon the completion of the purchase order, thereafter he can use the earned points as a discounted cobun to purchase items from Exemore.

8.18 Payment conditions

8.19 Each member accepts and warrants that the order cannot be cancelled if the payment has taken place because the preparation cycle that the order gets in immediately after the payment. Hereby, Exemore is committed to refund the customer his money with the transfer fees included in case of payment cancellation due to the hereinafter two cases:(i) the unavailability of the product and (ii) the manufacturer is unable to supply the order

8.20 In order to facilitate the purchase, Exemore allows using Exemore wallet as the customer can add the money in his account to do purchase at any time he wishes, and see the payments and the remaining balance  in his/her account

8.21 the customer shall pay the transfer fees to be able to place the order.

8.22 wire to the bank within 4 days after receiving the bank account data on the user’s Exmore Account. After the expiration of the given period, the order is automatically cancelled through the procurement management system.

8.23 if the user opts for paying with one of the e-payment options, or PayPal account, 3% of the value of the transferred amount is automatically deducted from the total amount as a transfer charge that gets incurred by Exemore. But if money is returned and the order is cancelled, the purchaser incurs the 3%.

8.24 Note that payment using the bank transfer option is permitted only with the dollar currency.

8.25 Any transactions that the user conducts outside Exemore store must be at his own risk, and Exemore isn’t liable by any means for whatever the consequences are.

8.26 all the payments and transfer methods on Exemore are subject to the international E-commerce laws that ensure the users’ money and rights during the transactions.

8.27 we don’t recommend contacting or transferring money to any vendor without Our consultation, and doing so must be at your own risk.

8.28 Users shall provide their information accurately when it comes to payment, accordingly they manage to receive the refund in case of order cancellation.

8.29 Exemore is responsible to safeguard users' money and track all the payments to notify the user with the amount that he paid and the remaining balance in the wallet.

8.30 When a user creates a personal account on Exemore, he can conduct purchases using different payment methods.

8.31 It’s not recommended to share your account details with anyone, and it must be at the user's risk if he did so.

8.32 Exmore is responsible to safeguard any transaction occurring on our Marketplace. Note that Exemore accepts no warranty or obligation for any forms of personal communications or transactions that the user conducts with the vendors and factory owners to place an order without Exemore's consultation and reference.

9.shipping policy

9.1 Exemore applies a well-defined shipping policy, on the international and local level, that aims to provide the customer with a secure and easy shipping experience with competitive prices for both the Egyptian and foreigner customers. These applicable policies ensure the customer’s rights and money while conducting transactions and importing Egyptian clothing from all over the world.

9.2 Exemore’s local and international shipping services are governed by well-defined policies to ensure for the customers and vendors secure e-commerce.

9.3 international shipping

10.4 The allowed shipping methods on Exemore guarantee secure delivery of the displayed products for the customers in the possibly shortest period.

9.5 Due to the supervision of the quality team and our long experience in e-commerce, we ensure shipping the order matching with the said specifications; moreover, granting a follow-up system with the customer till they receive their order. Note that Exemore accepts no liability for the product’s specifications, sizes, materials, colors, that the customers choose. Exemore operates to guarantee shipping to different countries around the world all the time, through collaboration with shipping companies, therefore we offer day and night shifts customer support to answer your inquiries helping you track your order

9.6 international shipping process.

Upon purchasing, you must read, acknowledge and accept that:

9.7 Order gets into the preparation cycle immediately after the payment, thereafter we ship the order to the customer in the said period.

9.8 The overland freight permits the customer to select the shipping address with consent with the shipping company. on the other hand, the air freight requires the customer to conduct and finish the required airport procedures to receive the order.

9.8 In case of express shipping, the order is shipped to the place that the customer provides. We notify the customer with order processing stages from being manufactured till being shipped on their email and their account on Exemore.

9.9 The bill of lading is sent and attached to the customer’s account and personal email when the shipping takes place, moreover; sending the tracking code for more facilitation.

9.10 The customer gets notified with the shipment arrival date and the said address in accordance with the distributed companies in different countries.

9.11 Thereafter, the Customer receives the order from the attached shipping address as agreed upon. The order tracking stops operating only when the customer receives the order.

9.12 The customer may contact us through our customer support team if there’s any issue regarding the order.

9.13 shipping instructions.

9.14 The customer shall acknowledge that he/she isn’t entitled to change the shipping address that he chose if the shipping has taken place. You understand and agree that different export procedures may lead to shipment delay, and Exemore shall notify the customer with the updates in case of delay. that Shipment charges are clarified on our website, and it differs according to the provided shipping address.

9.15 customers can choose between the three provided shipping options (air freight, overseas freight, overland freight, and express shipping.

9.15 You acknowledge and accept that Shipping charges differ according to the required option, and Exemore does its best to provide competitive shipping prices around the world.

9.16 The shipping is governed by the transport, import, and export procedures laws, and these procedures may differ from country to another.

9.17 Exemore accepts no liability in case of delay because due to the governmental policies in the customer’s country, but we provide customer support team to follow up with the customer with any updates.

9.18 Note that some countries don’t permit all the provided shipping options by Exemore. so, by selecting your country of residence, only the allowed options will be displayed on your account. Exemore operates the business with different shipping companies around the world due to their competitive prices and good services, and the customer shall not ask for a shipping company that is not selected by Exemore.

9.19 all the shipping and export procedures are governed by the Egyptian custom laws with respect to global e-commerce principles. samples shall be ordered only through the express shipping.

9.20 Customers may contact the customer support team for any inquiries regarding the order.

9.21 You accept and acknowledge that Shipping companies aren’t responsible for any specifications that you made through the website, or delivering the order to any place that isn’t mentioned by the user.

9.22Express shipping delivers the order to the customer’s place, while the other types of shipping are governed by the hereinabove policies.

9.23 Once the order is shipped, Exemore shall send a copy of the bill of lading, at the customer’s expense through the online store, as well as to the personal email that the customer registered by.

9.24 Exemore informs each customer of the order's arrival through his account on the online store, the email, or via a phone call.

9.25 Exemore is not liable for any sort of damage may occur to the order if it stayed for a long time, more than seven days, in the designated place of receipt, decided by the customer during the purchase.

9.26 Exemore is committed to working with the shipping companies in accordance with well-defined contractual terms applied to the shipping companies, and Exemore’s applicable shipping policy.

9.27 The shipping companies accept the obligation to the customers accepting the clarified shipping policies, on our website, and deliver the order to the designated place of receipt. on the other hand, the customer must acknowledge that shipping is a complementary process for placing the order, so conducting a purchase is considered as an agreement between the customer and the shipping companies on the herein policy, and cannot be changed or modified.

9.28 Exemore accepts no liability or responsibility for any shipping operations conducted between the customer and the shipping companies (the shipping companies that operate our business) operate our business, without the consultation or the reference to Exemore.

9.29 The Shipping companies accept liability to deliver the products with their normal condition and without any damage to the place of receipt.

9.30 The customer shall not ask to return the order after the receipt unless it’s a condition that follows the return policy, please read the return policy.

9.32 Customer accepts an obligation to pay any charges related to the operation of the governmental procedures in his\her country like customs or import duties upon receiving the order in accordance with the applicable laws in the customer's country.

9.33 Exemore is not obligated to pay any fees related to the customs or import duties applied in the customer’s country, and Exemore is no longer responsible the moment that the order arrives in the customer’s country and the designated place of receipt.

contact us

Exemore delightedly serves our customers and vendors providing them with their needs. Accordingly, our door is always open for the customers, as we hire team members, in different countries, who are gladly working to provide facilities for the customers and vendors.

We offer different communication methods for the customer who wants to contact us at any time through our customer support team or messaging our WhatsApp number who will respond to you during the day, and finally, you can contact us through the mail. Moreover, the easy communication tool provided on our marketplace.

you are welcome to contact us through the following:

Our website:

phone number: (+2)01200041839 - (+2)0227951423

WhatsApp number: (+2) 01200041839