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Shipping policy

Exemore applies a strict shipping policy, on the international and local level, that aims to provide the customer with a secure and easy shipping experience with competitive prices for both Egyptian and foreign customers. Our applicable policies ensure the customer’s rights and money while conducting transactions and importing Egyptian clothing from all over the world.

Exemore’s local and international shipping services are governed by well-defined policies to grant the customers and vendors secure e-commerce.

Due to the supervision of the quality team and our long experience in e-commerce, we ensure shipping the order matching with the said specifications, moreover, granting a follow-up system for the order processing and the order receipt. Acknowledge that Exemore accepts no liability for the product’s specifications, sizes, materials, colors, that the customers choose. Exemore operates to guarantee shipping to different countries around the world all the time, through collaboration with shipping companies, therefore we offer day and night shifts customer support to answer your inquiries helping you track your orders.

International Shipping

Upon purchasing, you must acknowledge and accept that:

- Order gets into the preparation cycle immediately after the payment, thereafter the order shipping cycle starts with the commitment of delivering the order in the said period.

- The overland freight permits the customer to select the shipping address with the consent of the shipping company. on the other hand, the air freight requires the customer to conduct and finish the required airport procedures to receive the shipment.

- In the case of express shipping, the order is shipped to the place that the customer provides. We notify the customer of order processing stages on their email and their account on Exemore.

- The bill of lading is sent and attached to the customer’s account and personal email when the shipping takes place; moreover, Exemore team sends the tracking code for more facilitation.

- The customer gets notified of the shipment arrival date and the said address according to the distribution of shipping companies in different countries.

- Thereafter, the Customer receives the order from the attached shipping address as agreed upon. The order tracking stops operating only when the customer receives the order.

- The customer may contact us through our customer support team if there’s an issue regarding the order.

Shipping Instructions

- The customer shall acknowledge that he isn’t entitled to change the shipping address that he chose if the shipping has taken place.

- You understand and agree that different export procedures may lead to shipment delays, and Exemore shall notify the customer with the updates in case of delay. that Shipment charges are clarified on our website, and it differs according to the provided shipping address.

- Customers can choose between the three provided shipping options (air freight, overseas freight, overland freight, and express shipping.

- You acknowledge and accept that Shipping charges differ according to the required option, and Exemore does its best to provide competitive shipping prices around the world.

- The shipping is governed by the transport, import, and export procedures laws, and these procedures may differ from one country to another.

- Exemore accepts no liability in case of delay due to the governmental policies in the customer’s country, but we provide a customer support team to follow up with the customer with any updates.

- Note that some countries don’t permit all the provided shipping options by Exemore. so, by selecting your country of residence, only the allowed options will be displayed on your account. Exemore operates the business with different shipping companies around the world due to their competitive prices and good services, and the customer shall not ask for a shipping company that is not selected by Exemore.

- All the shipping and export procedures are governed by Egyptian custom laws and global e-commerce principles. samples shall be ordered only through express shipping.

- Customers may contact the customer support team for any inquiries regarding the order.

- You accept and acknowledge that Shipping companies aren’t responsible for any specifications that you made through the website, or delivering the order to any place that isn’t mentioned by the user.

- Express shipping delivers the order to the customer’s place, while the other types of shipping are governed by the hereinabove policies.

- Once the order is shipped, Exemore shall send a copy of the bill of lading, at the customer’s expense through the online store, as well as to the personal email that the customer registered by.

- Exemore informs each customer of the order arrival date through his account on the online store, by email, or via a phone call.

- Exemore is not liable for any sort of damage that may occur to the order if it stayed for a long time, more than seven days, in the designated place of receipt, decided by the customer during the purchase.

- Exemore is committed to operating its business with the shipping companies in accordance with well-defined contractual terms applied to the shipping companies, and Exemore’s applicable shipping policy.

- The shipping companies accept obligation to the customers accepting the clarified shipping policies, on our website, and deliver the order to the designated place of receipt. on the other hand, the customer must acknowledge that shipping is a complementary process for placing the order, so conducting a Purchase is considered as an agreement between the customer and the shipping companies on the herein policy, and cannot be changed or modified.

- Exemore accepts no liability or responsibility for any shipping operations conducted between the customer and the shipping companies (the shipping companies that operate our business) operate our business, without the consultation or reference to Exemore.

- The Shipping companies accept liability to deliver the products in their normal condition and without any damage to the place of receipt.

- the customer shall not ask to return the order after the receipt unless it’s a condition mentioned in the return policy, please read the Return Policy.

- The customer accepts an obligation to pay any charges related to the operation of the governmental procedures in his\her country like customs or import duties upon receiving the order in accordance with the applicable laws in the customer's country. Exemore is not obligated to pay any fees related to the customs or import duties applied in the customer’s country, and Exemore is no longer responsible the moment that the order arrives in the customer’s country and the designated place of receipt.


1- How is the shipping period determined?

The shipping period differs due to the country of receipt and the shipping option that the customer selects.

2- How do you make sure that the shipping process is secure?

Exmore ensures trusted and secure global shipping in accordance with well-defined and irrevocable regulations applied to the shipping companies.

3- Which provides fast shipping, Exmore shipping companies, or other companies?

Exemore seeks to deliver the order in the shortest possible period, therefore, we contact the shipping companies that own the same vision.

4- Are the shipping charges included in the order’s price?

The shipping fees aren’t included in the price of the selected item on the marketplace, and the shipping charge is added when you purchase the order with the availability to select the desired shipping option.

5- How can I know if the shipping price is good compared to the other companies?

We seek to provide the customer with competitive shipping prices; therefore, we filter the shipping companies list Periodically figuring out the cheapest price with the best services.

6- Can you guarantee the order delivery in a good condition?

Exemore ensures that the order’s requirements match the description by providing a quality control team that monitors the order quality during its manufacturing. Moreover, the screening and review teams are dedicated to reviewing the order before being shipped and making sure that the order is well packaged to grant its receipt in a good condition.

7- Can I return the order if it was unmatching with the said description?

The customer can return the product, or more than one within 14 days from the receipt date unless it is damaged because of misuse due to Exemore’s return policy. Please read the return policy from here.

8- Can I open the order to check the quality when it arrives?

A sample can be ordered before conducting the whole purchase to view the quality. but when you place the order you accept that it’s a final decision; therefore, the order cannot be opened or returned due to our return policy. Please read the return policy.

9- Can the order be shipped after the said period?

Our shipping operations are subject to customs, export, and import laws applied in different countries, and the order may be delayed for several days according to the applied policies and regulations in the addressed country. In this case, Exemore is committed to setting the new date and following up directly with the buyer until he/she receives the order in the designated place of receipt.

10- Who incurs the product charges of customs and the different governmental duties?

Upon purchasing from our Marketplace, the purchase understands and accepts that he pays these charges. as Exemore accepts no liability for paying the charges of the customs and the governmental duties in accordance with our policies.

11- How can I track the order during the shipping period?

The user can track the order from his/her account on Exemore. Moreover, Exemore sends mails to the customers to notify them of any updates

12- Who is the person that I shall contact to inform inquiry related to the shipping?

You can contact us through Our email, the chat section on Exemore, or our WhatsApp number, and you can also contact the customer support team.

13- What is the determined period to solve an issue related to shipments?

It takes the support team 48 hours to solve your problem from the moment they receive your call, in this said period, the support team communicates with the shipping department to solve the issue.