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Procurement Policy

Exemore’s mission is to be the first option for fashion shoppers around the world by providing an enjoyable experience for the customer in which he can purchase the finest quality in a secure and easy way.

Exemore enables the customer to choose between thousand items on our marketplace with the specifications he/she wants, select one of the three available shipping options, track the order processing in accordance with the applied Shopping policies that guarantee a secure transaction and increase in productivity and profits for all the customers.

The applicable shopping policies use the latest artificial technology in order to enable the wholesalers to purchase from the Egyptian market without the need to contact intermediaries.

Use of the marketplace

a user can create an account easily providing necessary and simple information that may contain a name, email, and country of residence. Note that It's not recommended to share the password with anyone.

On our marketplace, You can review different varieties of clothing displayed for all genders, ages, different colors and sizes, and different apparel. After that, you have to specify your shipping address, the payment method that you want, and receive your order easily! Exemore provides wholesalers the possibility to track the order processing and the arrival date.

Selecting Wholesale With The Desired Colors And Sizes

sizes and colors are divided into two types: (i) a fixed description that is provided by the vendor, (ii) and a wholesale that is offered in different colors and sizes with the possibility to select a color or size that you wish if it’s available to be manufactured.

A Unique Shopping Experience.

Upon your registration on Exemore, You can obtain different benefits hereinafter:

-       Exploring different fashion and apparel styles in Egypt.

-       Purchase at a competitive price without incurring the effort to contact intermediaries, buy directly from the manufacturer.

-        A system that enables you to track your order processing.

-       Earn gift cards and point on your Purchasing from the marketplace

-       Trusted shipping, with good prices, to the place that you want, please read the shipping services.

-       We understand your desires and inquiries, thus our system allows purchasing a sample from the product you choose through Express shipping.

-       The availability of replacement in accordance with the return policies, please read the return policy from here

Terms And Conditions

-       The use of our marketplace is subject to e-commerce laws in different countries, the Egyptian trading laws, and the new trading system (outlined by Exemore proficient) that is applicable to the use of artificial intelligence in order to ensure the Users’ rights.

-       The applicable trading pattern ensures to all Exemore’s users an easy and secure apparel shopping from the Egyptian Markets, and grants overselling Purchases and transactions are subject to e-commerce laws and international treaties between different countries, and the Egyptian consumer protection laws.

-       Exemore accepts and guarantees that the displayed products are subject to the intellectual property rights of the vendor, and Exemore is liable to display these products unless doesn’t follow the applicable laws.

-       Each vendor represents obligations for producing the goods as it’s mentioned in the attached description.

-       The user shall recognize that the order preparation period differs from the shipment period and it’s not the same.

-       It’s the user's responsibility to select the available mentioned size, colors, and material carefully, and Exemore accepts no liability for the users’ choices.

-       The desired color and size must match the order quantity

-       From the notes section, you can add your notes and your product requirements even if it isn’t available in the offered product.

-       The product code is affiliated to an artificial intelligence system for management purposes; you can use it to search for a product.

-       Exemore enables you to reach your trusted vendor through one click on the vendor name so all his products will be available to display.

-       The user can view the shipping cost at the top of each page, or he can check the shipping section.

-       The more items the user selects, the lower the price will be.

-       Each user can evaluate the product, and Exemore will objectively present the user feedback as long as it doesn’t contain abusive words or racism.

-       There’s a minimum amount of the product that the user cannot ask for less.

-       The vendor shall accept that the user can ask for a sample to check before purchasing a huger order to check the quality. Note that the sample will be delivered to the user’s location through express shipping and the price will be doubled for the order specification.

-       Exemore supervise the order processing with quality monitors to ensure that the order fit the requirements

-       You agree that the transaction for the purchase is final the time you are charged payment is the final, thus Exemore recommends the customers to select the items carefully.

-       Exemore operates carefully to provide the description matching the reality and accepts no liability or responsibility for any additional requirements that aren't included in the uploaded description.

-       Users can purchase from the marketplace using the Arabic and English languages.

-       Our customer service team is gladly responding to your inquiries about the products; it’s recommended that the user mention the item code to facilitate the process.

-       The user can return the order if it didn’t match the specifications, check the return policy here.

-       The order may be returned in the case that the buyer asked for a sample and it didn’t come according to the description. Please read the return policy from Here.

-       The shipping cost is added automatically to the item price when you select your shipping address.

-       The user acknowledges and agrees that the customs and charges determination isn’t Exemore authority.

-       The more the items are purchased, the more the points are added to the user wallet providing him with discounts he can use in the future.

-   All the transactions that the user conducts are governed by the trading system applied by Exemore.

-   Exemore accepts no liability or obligations for any purchase or personal agreement or payment that occurs between customers and intermediaries in an unofficial way.

-    Note that the purchase is final the time you are charged, and you cannot modify your order regarding the sizes and colors, and any additional specifications, you add in the comments section, must be incurred by the customer.

-     The offered prices may be changed by increase or decrease according to the vendor’s, as price determination is the vendor’s liability and Exemore isn’t responsible for the prices.

-    You agree and understand that payment must be by the dollar, and the presentation for different currencies on the website aims to help the customer to know the prices. You can do your purchase using different payment methods including the wallet through which the points and discounts are added to your account.

-  In case of order cancellation and money returning, the customer can obtain his money through the same method he used to pay the order, Or Exemore deposits the money in the user’s wallet to use whenever he likes.


1- Is there a difference between the preparation period and the shipping period?

Order preparation is the time needed to manufacture and view the order by quality control, while the shipping period is the time that the order takes to be shipped from one country to another that is considered the second step after the preparations.

2- How can I know the order’s price?

If the user opts to purchase by piece, the price is calculated by the number of items he purchases accordingly. if he opts to buy wholesale, he can find the whole collection price included in the price section with the price of each item presented individually.

3- What is the minimum quantity of items that I can purchase?

Through the “Add to the cart” button, you can view the minimum numbers of the item to purchase and you cannot ask for less.

4- Can I select different colors and sizes when purchasing wholesale?

The wholesale already contains different sizes and colors; therefore, the customer cannot select any other colors and sizes unless it is available.

5- How can I know the materials?

All the vendors are committed to providing the product’s material in the description section to enable the customer to choose his best.

6- Does the description match the real item?

Exemore quality control team reviews and monitors order processing to ensure that the description matches the product.

7- How can I make sure that I’m going to receive the order with the selected colors and sizes?

Exemore Quality control views carefully the selected color, sizes, and any other specifications before the shipment take place.

8- How can I pay?

The user can choose between multiple payment methods that Exemore permits ensuring the Customer’s rights in accordance with e-commerce laws. In the case of order cancellation Exemore shall refund the customer with the tr charges included.

9- Can I modify or change some specifications after placing the order?

The order is placed the moment you are charged; the order’s specification cannot be changed accordingly. If you face difficulty or issues regarding the order, during the period of the order’s preparation, you can contact the customer service team.

10- Can I cancel the order after placing it?

There is no option to cancel the order after conducting the purchase unless the vendor apologized for his inability to produce the order, and Exemore shall refund the customer with the transfer fees included, or deposit the refund in the user’s wallet.

10- Can I replace the order after receipt?

Exemore Return Policy allows the user to return the product in the hereinafter condition: if the order didn’t match the previously purchased sample. Please read more about the refund policy from here.

11- What are the different shipment methods?

Land, air, and maritime shipping options are allowed for the customer to choose in between, in addition to the express shipping. Note that the permitted shipping methods may differ from one country to another.

12- How can I make sure that you offer competitive prices?

Exemore does its best to provide the customer with the finest quality and the cheapest prices through updating our shipping companies list we work with in order to ensure you an overselling.

13- I read that the sample’s price is double compared to the individual item’s price, why is that?

Note that producing an individual sample for a product is expensive for the vendor. Yet, Exemore provides this service to warrant more security for the customer to the greatest extent through displaying a sample before buying the whole order.