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    Privacy Policy

    Exemore's policy shall apply to buyers and vendors on the website and all the platform's users that govern their use and disclosure of information and other related services.

    Exemore collects data from users and vendors around the world in order to improve the service. Note that we Don’t accept nor consider any unknown profiles that may cause any sort of misleading.

    Personal information

    Upon your registration, we collect your identity data, email, contact information, and your address. Exemore collects some information that varies due to the provided service such as, and not limited to, a passport copy, date of birth, and some data related to the bank account when it comes to bank transfer.

    The vendor shall provide accurate data when he logs into Exemore marketplace. These personal data is confidential and cannot be disclosed for any reason that isn’t related to the provided service.

    The customer or wholesaler is obligated and responsible for providing accurate information to be used in any transactions he conducts through the marketplace. This information is confidential, and The user is entitled to change the personal information “Account Management” section.

    Personal information policy

    Exemore shall protect visitors’ data which is only used in connection with the purchase facilitation and improving the service; moreover, other related services such as helping the customer and wholesalers with their issues, sending commercial notifications, documenting the personal information or credit cards deals with the user’s bank or third parties for the purposes of fraud prevention and detection, and terms implementation of use on exemore website.

    Disclosure or Sharing of Personal Information

    EXemore recognizes the importance of the security and confidentiality of personal data. note that data can be released to some entities mentioned thereafter: law enforcement entities, third parties or governmental institutions, shipping companies may be notified by some information related to shipping services, in order to grant fraud protection and detection activities or the prevention of any terms and consent violations. personal data may be released to the Authorized Exemore team for the purpose of providing facilitation, or for activity continuation.  Also, Exemore may disclose vendor’s information with the clients to know any specifications needed related to the displayed products on the online store.

    Use of personal information

    all customers and wholesalers are obligated to provide their personal information accurately, and using any fake information subject your account to be suspended.

    You represent and warrant that all information provided in the registration step is complete and accurate for account’s activation continuity.


    If you register with a platform account, you will be asked to provide an email address/user ID and password and you shall agree to:

    (i) keep your personal confidential, as Exemore don’t accept liability if the user didn’t preserve the confidentiality of his account information.

    (ii) you will be asked to add your username and password each time you use exemore, and it’s recommended that to use a password that combines numbers, letters, and special characters,  and don’t share your password with anyone.

    note that: If you have a reason that your username and password have been obtained, please contact Exemore Team Immediately to suspend any unauthorized payment, and you have to change your password from the Account management section.

    Sharing any personal information isn’t recommended, and if you authorized any third party to manage your account on your behalf that shall be at your own risk, this also may subject your account to be suspended,

    Exemore collects personal information related to business operations in selling or purchasing, and the confidentiality of this data is maintained and cannot be disclosed by anyone who is not an Exemore’s authorized employee.

    Upon your registration visiting the website, we may collect some data from your device including, but not limited to, your Ip address or the type of your browser in connection with service facilitation. We may collect different data in order to meet the customer’s interests.

    Exemore collects the information given in the feedback and comments provided by different users for statistical purposes in order to improve our services, and we are committed not to disclose any of this information.

    Exemore doesn’t accept any anonymous information, and any incomplete or inaccurate data subject your account to being suspended.

    We may update this privacy policy from time to time and, in this case, the new version will be announced, with or without notice, on Exemore’s website. The new version will be considered valid from the publication date, and your use of the marketplace is considered as your agreement to the updated policy.

    Exemore doesn’t sell or trade the above-mentioned personal information for third parties, and it can be only disclosed for the above-stated reasons.

    Upon your use for Exemore, you use a personal account on our marketplace, you agree to receive Exemore commercial ads via your email, in addition to other messages related to order tracking or purchasing process, Or notifying you with any updates.

    The information included in the provided notes on the website is accessed by Exemore for service development purposes.

    Exemore team may ask you to provide some information including the financial information to be used in connection with the facilitation, and users acknowledge that they shall not refuse to provide the required information for facilitation purposes.

    Exemore accepts no liability for any information that the visitors or customers share with the ads of other pages that appear on our marketplace, and it’s recommended that, in this case, the user review the applicable privacy policy in these pages before sharing any information. Also, Exemore isn’t responsible for any shared information with third parties or Other Exemore’s users unless it’s mentioned hereinabove.

    Each user represents a warrant and agrees that you shall provide accurately and updated personal data otherwise the account may be suspended. the online store may present links to other pages, and Exemore isn’t responsible by any means for the privacy applied to these pages.

    Use of cookies

    • cookies are a small amounts of data stored on your device's hard drive. Through a unique and random code, the records of the website can identify the user’s browser. Note that the cookies used in Exemore is dedicated only for the purpose of improving our performance and helping us to understand your interests, and these cookies don’t disclose any of your personal information.
    • Users aren't entitled to communicate with the vendors or the wholesalers in an inappropriate way or send any violating messages or post any undesired content or develop any virus or attacks. if the user commits any violation of the above mentioned, his account shall be fully suspended.
    • Exemore may send the given personal data to a foreign country for the purpose of facilitation. note that the data is sent encrypted and cannot be fully disclosed, but the internet web isn't safe thus we cannot ensure the confidentiality of personal information in event of cyber-attacks or hacks.


    1- Why do you use this information?

    Exemore use the provided information to meet and understand the user’s needs and other related services to development and improvement in collaboration with the use of artificial intelligence.

    2- How long should you keep personal information?

    Exemore retains your personal information as long as there’s an ongoing legitimate business such as providing facilities. when the provided service is done, Exemore will no longer keep your information.

    3- Can anyone access my information?

    Exemore accepts liability to keep the confidentiality of the given information unless for the stated reasons hereinabove.