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Orders aggregation

Orders aggregation

A new service has been added to our website for all clothing wholesalers around the world who are looking forward to importing wholesale clothes from more than one manufacturer based in Egypt, and they need support to screen, check, and ship the wholesale.

Buying wholesale clothing from factories or suppliers in Egypt - even if they’re not contracted with us, becomes easier now.

All you need to do is specify the targeted manufacturer so Exemore team operates as an intermediary, delegated by you, to follow up with the manufacturer and pay all their dues. And for quality purposes, the quality team is responsible to screen the products to ensure safety.

In the case of delegating us for order aggregation, we are responsible for receiving the products from the manufacturer and ensuring that the order matches all the mentioned specifications, according to the received receipt, and finally sending all the orders to you in one shipment.

Why should I use Procrument demand aggregation?

-         You can easily pay for your orders by choosing the payment method that suits you the most.

-         Ensure that your money is safe and sent to the said manufacturer.

-         You don’t have to follow up with the manufacturer or travel abroad to get all your needs as our quality team is responsible to screen all the products before being shipped to make sure that the shipment matches your requirements.

-         The process of order aggregation no longer requires you to make any effort; all is done perfectly by our teams.

-         You can make different orders from a different manufacturer and receive them all in one shipment.

-         24/7 customer support

-         Ensuring a safe and profitable deal with the targeted manufacture.

-         No more worries about customs clearance.

-         The ability to track your order starting from the manufacturing process till the shipping date through a smart tracking system on our website.

How to make an aggregated order Step by step.

-         Send your receipt that states that you have made a deal with a certain clothing factory.

-         Send all the manufacturers’ information including (Name- Phone- order cost- quantity- Manufacturer name & address)

-         Attach all the wanted requirements with the receipt

-         Pay the cost of your order using one of our different payment methods.

-         Note that you can pay through your E-wallet on Exemore and use your saved credit in it.

-         A commission of 5% from the total cost, order cost and internal shipping fees are included, is added.

-         Finally, note that the shipping cost can only be decided after receiving the order from the factory as it depends on  the weight of the products

-         A customer cannot ask to ship the order unless he’s already transferred the shipping cost.

Now you can ask for order aggregation by submitting your information from here, or contact us through one of the following contacts:

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