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Our mission is to become the first apparel e-commerce choice for customers around the world through empowering Egyptian vendors to sell and ship their products globally and to be able to expand their business.

Upon registration as a vendor, apparel manufacturers can join our vendors Group and display their products to be seen by all the world without incurring the exhausting procedures, or any of the expensive costs related to launching a marketing campaign, shipping charges, and governmental procedures.

In order to display your products on Exemore, you need to follow the guideline designated for product display that includes colors, sizes, and measurements. Accordingly, Exemore complies to launch marketing campaigns to target your audience.

Exemore‘s departments operate the business effectively through different stages. First of all, a specialized quality team reviews your product before being shipped to ensure its matching with the said description, then the shipping team contacts shipping companies. Thirdly, and not finally, Exemore conducts different procedures required by the government.


  1. How can I join as a vendor?

Through the registration section, you can register as a vendor by filling in the required information and setting your password. Thereafter, you’re entitled to display your product efficiently and freely

  1. I don’t know how to register, what should I do?

You’re welcome to contact our support team to help you solve your issues.

  1. My account was unexpectedly suspended, what should I do?

Send your information to our WhatsApp number, and our team will contact you soon.

  1. In which language shall I write the product’s description?

Exemoreoffers two languages: Arabic and English. Hereby, you shall provide the content with the two provided languages through the designated section.

  1. I don't know if I provided the description correctly according to the structures and grammar, what should I do?

Exemoreteam will accurately review products, hereinafter they will edit the content if it’s needed. Note that the Editing process maintains the same meaning you intended. Then You can check the edited description to know more about the structures.

  1. What are the specifications to display a photo for a product?

the photos must be of high-quality and noticeably clear and without any attached logos even the manufacturer’s logo or the brand’s logo.

  1. Who reviews my content?

Vendors describe the product using clear and real photos, thereafter Exmore’s team reviews the provided content, in and less than 48h, to make sure that the content is free from any mistakes.

  1. Can I sell directly to wholesalers?

Through our marketplace, you can sell your products to wholesalers around the world. Moreover, we are planning to offer direct contact between the vendors and wholesalers to determine their needs accurately.

  1. What are the requirements to display my product?

You must be competent to produce all the products that you display in the marketplace.

10. What should I do if some product samples have run out and I’m not looking to reproduce them ...or what should I do if the prices of the products have been changed compared to the offered?

Through the control panel of each product, you can edit, modify, and delete the content whether it’s a specification, price, or sample.

11. What should I do with the seasonal items?

You can easily keep the content hidden from the visitors till the next season, and after that,  you can change the settings to redisplay it.

12. I face some issues regarding sizes or colors shortage, how can I contact the customer?

You can contact Exemore’s support team to help you solve your issue.