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1-How can I register as a client?

Upon visiting our website, You will be asked and guided to create an account

Through simple steps. The information that you need to provide may include your name, your country of residence, your email, and finally, you will be asked to set a confidential password. Thereinafter you will receive a message confirming that you can enjoy easy shopping conducting and tracking your purchase!

2-How many countries do you have a business in?

Currently, we are operating our business in 72 countries around the world, and the residence of these countries can purchase and deliver products from Exemore easily.

We are looking to initiate business in more countries soon.

3-How can I know the material that the product is made of?

All the sellers are committed to providing the material accurately in the description section, so you can choose your best!

4-How can I know the price of my order?

If the user opts to purchase retail, so the price is calculated by the number of items he purchases. But if he opts to buy wholesale, the wholesale price will appear in the designated section with the price of each item presented individually for more facilitations.

5-What is the minimum quantity that can be purchased?

In the add to cart box, you will find the minimum quantity to be purchased.

6- Can I select different colours and sizes when ordering wholesale?

The package already contains different sizes and colours, so the customer cannot select any other colours and sizes unless it is an option.

7- How can I make sure that the selected colours and sizes will be provided?

Exemore Quality control team checks carefully the selected colour, sizes, and any other specifications before the shipment take place.

8-What are different shipping methods?

overland, overseas, and air freight options are allowed for the customer to choose in between, in addition to the express shipping. Note that the allowed shipment methods may differ according to the country of residence.

9 -How can I pay?

The user can choose between multiple payment methods Exemore allows that ensure the Customer’s rights in accordance with e-commerce laws/ principles, and in case of order cancellation by Exemore, we are committed to returning the money with the transfer charges included.

10- What currency do you accept?

All transfers are conducted in dollars, and if the user opts to pay with his/her bank account, it's a must to convert the currency to dollars. For more facilitation, the website enables you to know the products' price in the currency you choose to pay with

11-How can I know that the money has been transferred or not?

Upon the payment, Exemore sends a message on the user account on Exemore and his own email confirming the payment process by which the user can track the order processing.

12-Does the order get immediately purchased upon payment?

Upon payment, which is the final step to purchase, Exemore system initiates and monitors the order manufacturing and processing. The order cannot be cancelled after payment because once the order has taken place, the manufactory starts producing the order.

13- Does the vendor receive the money immediately after payment?

The money is transferred to the vendor only when Exemore receives and checks the order carefully to ensure that the item's qualities meet the mentioned descriptions.

14- Can I modify or change some specifications after placing the order?

The order is placed the moment you are charged; the order’s specification cannot be changed accordingly. If you face difficulty or issues regarding the order, during the period of the order’s preparation, you can contact the customer service team.

15- Can I cancel the order after placing it?

There is no option to cancel the order after conducting the purchase unless the vendor apologized for his inability to produce the order. accordingly, Exemore shall return the money with the transfer fees included, or deposit the refund in the user’s wallet.

16- Can I replace the order after receipt?

Exemore Return Policy allows the user to return the product in the hereinafter condition: if the order didn’t match the previously purchased sample. Please read more about the return policy from here.

17-What should I do when I receive the order?

You can open your Exemore account and mark that the order has been received successfully. Also, you can help us with your comments and feedback.

18-How can I evaluate the product after receipt?

You can add your comments in the designated section, Hence all the interested visitors can know more about the products through your feedback.

19-How many countries do you have a business with?

We operate our business in 152 countries with huge marketing campaigns; as we are working to serve more countries in the future.

20-Who is the eligible person to register as a vendor?

only Manufacturers are entitled to register as a vendor, and this service isn’t available for wholesale or retail sellers to register as a vendor.

As we seek to provide competitive prices.

21- which language shall I write the description with?

Exemore offers two languages: Arabic and English. Hereby, you shall provide the content with the two provided languages through the designated section.

22- I don't know if I provided the description correctly according to the structures and grammar, what should I do?

Exemore team will accurately review the products, hereinafter they will edit the content if it’s needed. Note that the Editing process will maintain the same meaning you intended. You can then check the edited description to know more about the structures used.

23-What arethe specifications to display a photo for a product?

the photos must be of high-quality and noticeably clear, and without any attached logos or marks, not even the logo of the manufacturer or the logo of the brand.

24- What should I do if I don’t have a high-quality photo for the products?

Exemore gladly offers studio service equipped with the latest imaging technology in order to take good and clear shots of your products. Also, you also can ask for a model from both genders. Read more about our services.

25- How canI display my content on Exemore?

Vendors shall describe the product using clear and real photos, thereafter Exmore team reviews and check the content, during and less than 48h, to make sure that the content is free from any mistakes.

26-Can I modify the content after being displayed?

Through the product section, You can edit and remove content related to specifications, samples, and prices.

27- Is there an option to hide the products from the customer?

Through the designated section for the product, you can remove the content or hide it for some period while preserving the content uploaded.

28- What should I do if there’s a problem?

Our customer support team is gladly responding to your inquiries, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.