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if you are a manufacturer, join us now and start your business!

Exemore is gladly welcome all Egyptian factory owners to join us and offer their products on our online store; thereafter, Exemore Marketing department markets these products for wholesalers around the world. The transactions, in which the wholesalers and vendors are parties, is governed by the applied trading system.

Registration for Vendors and Manufacturers

Exemore’s vision is to become the first shopping option for customers around the world. We aim to provide and deliver the traders around the globe with their needs and enable them to choose effortlessly from millions of Egyptian clothing and different styles.

If you log into Exemore Platform as a vendor, you can join our team and be able to export different products across borders and be identified with your own trademark without being incurred expensive charges for marketing purposes. In addition to the shipping process costs and the required sum for the different governmental procedures. All of these steps make it harder for the vendor to initiate supplying globally.

But Exemore empowers the manufacturers to supply his/her goods effortlessly through following the instruction to be guided and know how they can display the product matching the real specifications. Exemore shall launch marketing campaigns in most of the countries to attract the wholesalers to buy and find their needs.

Export procedures

Exemore aims to provide facilitation for both the vendor and the wholesalers through supervising and monitoring not only the shipping process but also the order’s preparations by proficient quality control. Exemore receives the order from the manufacturer and delivers it to the wholesalers effortlessly, also we monitor and conduct the different export procedures.

Exemore is a huge marketplace that enables the wholesalers and vendors to conduct transactions in a secure way that ensure their rights and money in accordance with a trusted trading system. The trading system is applied in collaboration with e-commerce proficient around the world, in order to achieve our goal of being the first option for the customer to shop clothing online around the world.

Exemore Gladly provides the vendors and manufacturers with different benefits helping them to increase their productivity and opening new markets for industrial development purposes.


Upon your registration and consent, you shall understand that:

  • your products will be displayed on Exemore through which your products will be seen around the world.
  • wholesalers from different countries can reach and view your products.
  • get your products displayed and offered without any charges.
  • your products will be marketed beside other huge marketing campaigns
  • you can enjoy easy selling for the wholesalers from different countries without the need to contact a mediator.
  • you won’t pay any commissions or profit-sharing with mediators.
  • you can sell your goods and track the order processing until it’s shipped to the customer.
  • you can identify the colour and sizes of each product you offer on the marketplace.
  • you won’t be overloaded with the thoughts of dealing with untrusted or costive shipping companies, as we ensure a Shipping process governed by a strict system that is determined and agreed upon by Exemore and its partners from shipping companies.
  • you won’t be overloaded with any of the exports procedures or any costs related to the government transactions.
  • you will be advised and guided by Exemore industry Professionals to be able to solve any issue you face regarding the management section or quality and control section.
  • we provide marketing research in different countries for development purposes.
  • we provide employees for different purposes such as marketing, selling, export purposes, and transactions that occur on Exemore.
  • you won’t be overloaded or charged by the different required procedures to conduct transportation, marketing, selling, and purchasing.


Exemore Accepts liability and responsibility in upholding the vendors’ rights in displaying their products as long as the trademark is original and not copied, or violates others copyrights.

-  According to the copyright laws and trademark respect, Exemore checks the product to ensure that it's not copied, either partially or fully, from another brand. if any violation of thereof occurs, the vendors’ account is subject to being suspended by Exemore; in addition, Exemore team deletes the product from our platform immediately. Note that uploading a product attached with a logo without written consent from the trademark owner is considered a violation and it’s banned.

- Exemore is committed to acknowledging, upholding, and mentioning the vendors’ brand names in the product description section in order to preserve the vendors’ copyright; on the other side, all vendors shall keep the pictures of the products clear from logos of the brand conditioned that they have to mention the brand name in the description.

- You understand and accept that using the original trademarks and the copyright perseverance is an indispensable principle in preserving the other vendors’ rights of shared content and pictures of his/her product on Exemore, hereinafter; the vendor is committed that the product shall be free of any imitation or copying. Thus, Exemore accepts no responsibility for prosecution due to the vendor to other brand copyrights and the vendor who does so must understand and accept liability for any damages.

Sample and return

All the Exemore registered vendors and manufacturers understand and accept producing and delivering a sample that matches the said specifications for the wholesalers around the world in accordance with the applied trade policies in Exemore, provided that the sample price will be doubled compared to the original price within the wholesale. if it’s proven that the product is unmatched with the said specifications on Exemore, or with the previously shipped sample, the return cost must be incurred by the vendor. Another example of compensation, the vendor can compensate the customer with a valued discount or deliver him a replacement with the obligation to Consult Exemore to decide an appropriate solution for the global e-commerce interests.

Payment methods

vendors are committed to Exemore’s payment methods governing that Exemore is the warrantor between the vendor and the buyer in the purchase processes, product reviewing and order’s delivery in accordance with the e-commerce principles.

Exemore shall pay the vendor through the two offered methods, in accordance with Exemore’s trade system that is applied around the world: (i) a deposit amount-typically 50% of the total order value- is paid to the vendor only when Exemore receives the order from the vendor. The remaining balance shall be paid when the wholesaler receives the order in his/her country. (ii) the vendor gets paid by Exemore all in one time provided that Exemore sends quality control members to check and review the order in the factory before the receipt, in addition to the presence of a quality control member affiliated to the manufacturer. This process shall occur by taking into account the deduction of the said commission amount and any delay penalties in both methods. After deducting the transfer commission and management costs, Exemore is committed to paying the transactions correctly that fulfil the vendor’s obligations.


Due to the applicable business policies and pattern of trading, you shall understand and accept that there’s a 10% deduction of the total business due to the transfer fees and deal management charges that Exemore incurs instead of the vendor.  the terms of the commission contained herein are subject to change at any time without notifying the vendor of the updates.

The vendor accepts to set the same prices of the manufacture without any increase so we manage together providing a competitive price around the world.

Delay penalty

The vendor is committed to the said preparation period by Exemore in the consent of the vendor, the vendor shall incur 3% from the said commission as a delayed penalty in case of 3 days delay. thereafter, a 5% delay penalty per day is paid by the vendor, noting that the delay penalty maximum is 10%. Any further delay subject the order to be fully cancelled with the obligation of the vendor to pay the penalty as compensation for the damages that occurred for both Exemore and the buyer. Moreover; Exemore is entitled to impose a penalty on the vendor due to the caused damage if it is figured out that the product does not match the said description by the vendor.

we do our best to provide benefits for the vendor and manufacturers, to the greatest extent, through displaying and marketing their products globally on our online store and facilitating the purchase processes. If the vendor opts to create an account on Exemore and conducts a business through us, the vendor shall understand and accept Exemore’s terms and conditions which are consent between the vendor and Exemore to conduct a fair and secure exchange.

These terms shall apply to all the vendors and manufacturers, so please read the terms hereunder:

  • vendors must own a commercial register in order to be able to ensure the consents or contracts between Exemore and the vendor.
  • Exemore accepts the obligation to display all the products of the vendors and factory owners equally unless some vendors decide to achieve more benefits through paid advertising accounts.
  • You agree and accept to mention the specifications for all displayed products accurately, according to the colours and sizes specified.
  • a picture for each product must be displayed, and without attaching the logo even if it is your original trademark.
  • The terms and conditions that are applicable to the selling process and the displayed products must be followed by the vendors and the manufacturers, otherwise, the account may be suspended.
  • upon registration as a vendor, you shall recognize that any transactions must be conducted through Exemore store, and Exemore accepts no liability for any transaction that may be conducted, in an unprofessional way, through personal communication between the vendor and the wholesalers.
  • -Each vendor is committed to providing the wholesale selling price of the displayed product. if he/she sets a price higher than normal, his/her account is subject to suspension and deletion. Note that Exemore views the markets regularly to ensure that the said price is the wholesale selling price in the local market without any increase by the vendor.
  • According to the wholesale selling price policy, the vendor is committed to reducing the price as long as the required quantity increases; he can determine, and at his sole discretion, the quantity to include the reduction.
  • the product material must be described accurately, as the vendor shall accept liability if the product doesn’t match the said description.  Exemore views the order before being shipped and if they do not meet the mentioned specifications, our business with the vendor will be suspended without pay the money due to the consequences.
  • the vendor can provide the specifications of the products at his sole discretion. But in case of grammatical errors and vague phrases, Exemore is entitled to provide proofreading for the text to meet the meaning said by the vendor.
  • The vendor is committed to providing the product matching the colours and sizes required by the customer. in case of violating the hereinbefore rule, the vendor won't receive the order's money as it will be fully cancelled.
  • Exemore is entitled to review all products before being shipped, and if they do not match the specifications, as mentioned above, the money will not be paid and the vendor’s business on Exemore is subject to be suspended.
  • The products offered by the vendor shall be his/her property, and not imitated or copied from other brands.
  • Upon Your registration on Exemore and offering your products, you hereby understand and accept that you authorize Exemore to display and market the products for sale purposes and you will not be entitled to determine the marketing and display methods that Exemore performs by its marketing and sales experts.
  • The functionality of displaying and advertising the vendor’s content around the world is considered an entitled act to Exemore that is irrevocable. Hereby, you accept that All Exemore policies cannot be amended except by referring to Exemore and receiving consent.
  • All the vendors are entitled to conduct sales through receiving orders on his account, with notes that Exemore is the mediator in the sale process. Exemore can communicate with the vendor at any time to remind him of the preparation’s period.
  • You are obligated to produce the order within the said period that you outlined with Exemore consent. Hereby you will be deducted according to the applicable delay penalty when you deliver the order and receive the money.
  • Note that your products will be evaluated by the customers through the comments section by which Exemore allows the customer to express their opinion freely, as long as it doesn’t contain any forms of harassment. Hereby, you are not entitled to neglect or refuse the evaluations according to the e-commerce sales policy.
  • If the provided comment does not contain any abusive and racist language, bullying, personal attack or other forms of unaccepted comments, the vendor cannot complain as it’s the customer right to evaluate the product that he purchased. as long as the vendor displays his/her products on Exemore, he/she is committed to supplying any quantity that the customer asks for. It is a must to update the products list by the vendor. Therefore, the vendor’s account may be suspended If the customer asks for a product viewed on Exemore by the vendor, that he no longer provides, as this is considered a breach of the hereinbefore principles of sale.
  • The vendor is entitled to hide any product displayed by him if he no longer produces it.
  • The vendor can determine the quantity of the products as long as he/she can fulfil them. Otherwise, the vendor’s account is subject to be suspended due to mentioning inaccurate information.
  • Vendors shall understand and accept that Exemore is not liable for taxes imposed on the vendor’s sales through government procedures, and your registration on our marketplace doesn’t mean a sales partnership.
  • the vendor is not entitled to interfere in the Shipping operations that take place through Exemore, unless that he/she subscribes to the "Ship with us" service. find more services from here.
  • The vendors and manufacturers are fully responsible to attach a mark on their product showing the country’s origin (Egyptian industry) that can be hardly removed. Moreover, clarifying the product's material such as the amount of fibre included.
  • The vendor is committed to selling the product with the same price he announces on the website as long as the price wasn’t changed by him, and update the products section with the available items that he/she manufactures. moreover, updating the prices due to any change in the dollar rate.
  • Upon your confirmation to display your product on Exemore, you understand and confirm that Exemore may perform an offset between the return and sales invoices. vendors accept that clauses and policies applied to them may be amended or changed according to the market requirements or emergencies.
  • Note that Any updates or messages sent to the vendor are considered as a part of the agreement between Exemore and the vendor, the vendor may receive notifications on his/her email or fax according to the recent information provided by the vendor.


How can I join Exemore as a vendor?

Through the “register as a vendor” section, you can create an account. immediately Thereafter, you can display your products.

How many countries do you have a business in?

We operate our business in 152 countries with huge marketing campaigns in these countries; we are looking to deliver to all the world in the near future.

What should I do If I faced any difficulties during registration?

all the vendors are greatly welcome to contact our customer support who will guide you.

Which language shall I provide a description in, Arabic or English?

Exemore offers two languages: Arabic and English. Hereby, you shall provide the content with the two languages through the designated section.

I’m not sure if I provided the description correctly according to the structures and grammar, how can you help?

Exemore team will accurately review the products, hereinafter he will edit the content if it’s needed. Note that the Editing process will maintain the same meaning you intend from the description. thereafter, you can then check the edited description to know the structures.

What are the photos' specifications needed to be displayed?

the photos of the products must be of high-quality and noticeably clear, and without any attached logos or marks, not even the logo of the manufacturer or the logo of the brand owner. And the Photos must be

What should I do if I don’t have high-quality photos for my products?

Exemore gladly offers studio service equipped with the latest imaging technology in order to take good and clear shots of your products, you also can ask for a model from both genders. Read more about our services.

What should I do if Some product samples have run out and I’m not looking to reproduce them ...or what should I do if the prices of the products have been changed compared to the offered?

Through the control panel of each product, you can edit, modify, and delete the content whether it’s a specification, price, or sample

What should I do with the seasonal items?

You can easily keep the content hidden from the visitors till the next season, and after that, you can change the settings to redisplay it.

I received the order, but there are some issues regarding the features such as colours and measurements, what should I do?

You are welcome to contact Exemore's support service, and they will get in touch with the client to sort it out, even if the problem is manufacturing issues. Please reach us.

What are the other services you offer?

Exemore offers additional services:

(i) Shipping products for customers, even if the purchase is not from our online store.

(ii)  conducting marketing campaigns, analyzing markets, and offering marketing consultation for specific markets or industries according to the commercial demand in some markets.

(iii)   studios equipped with advanced technologies and professional photographers

You can know more about our additional services here.