About us

Exemore is an Egyptian joint-stock company specialized in e-commerce that empowers local and global traders by providing related marketing and selling services.

Exemore is a company established through the collaboration of proficient investors in the Arab world to become the first global e-marketplace specialized in exporting and marketing Egyptian wholesale apparel serving wholesalers globally. Exemore empowers the Egyptian traders by highlighting their good quality and services.

Through our long experience in e-commerce, we launched the largest marketplace for selling and marketing the Egyptian clothing wholesale using secure and easy methods. In order to ensure overselling opportunities for traders, Exemore provides the customer with special quality products, an order-tracking system, and effective and trusted ways of communication between customers and vendors.

Exemore applies a well-defined exchange trade system in collaboration with international e-commerce experts to grant competitive prices and quality control. Additionally, customers can choose between different shipping methods customized due to their needs, we regulate the available shipping methods through contractual terms ensuring secure shipping.

Exemore team cooperatively work to provide the best service for customers around the world by facilitating the procurement process and helping the customer to find answers to all his/her inquiries.

Now enjoy your shopping experience using the first global marketplace for purchasing and selling Egyptian clothing.